Tae Aerospace Enterprise Agreement

In June 2017, we changed our name from TAE to TAE Aerospace to better reflect our core business and expand the offering of aerospace products, services and technologies. By moving to our new aerospace maintenance and production facility in Ipswich, Australia, we are also celebrating 20 years of operation in the Asia-Pacific region. Our team in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been working for the aviation industry in North and South America for 18 years. `); popupWin.document.close (); } / Listings / TAE Aerospace Pty Ltd TAE Aerospace Pty Ltd Overview The Australian company TAE Aerospace provides MRO, engineering, materials management and advanced manufacturing services for military gas turbines, APUs and wheels and brakes. Contact Information Hangar 71, Aviation St RAAF Base Amberley Amberley QLD Australia – 4306 Phone: +61 7 3282 9911 Fax: +61 7 3282 9955 Mail: sales@taeaerospace.com Site: www.taeaerospace.com Contact us this ad gallery Click here, to view the slideshow Full video description of gas turbine engines, APUs and MRO and engineering components for turbo-fan applications, Turboprop and Turbocharger – Backed by powerful OEMs and defense The Employment and Research and Research Commission has also focused on asset management and improving reliability to increase availability and safety while reducing life-cycle costs. TAE Aerospace uses its extensive skills, experienced employees and a collaborative approach to offer ever better customer support. Drive Technology – TAE Aerospace offers a wide range of professional services, including installation, service life and safety management, using strict design and configuration management processes. Non-standard development of repairs, maintenance by condition, creation of technical manuals and sponsorship are important conditions. Design, upgrade and support of engine test cells and APUs – TAE Aerospace specializes in design, manufacturing, commissioning, correlation; and ongoing maintenance, calibration and training support for new or improved test functions. Reliability is at the heart of providing our defense customers with a cost-effective and efficient solution. Conditions Monitoring Services – including the design, manufacture and installation of health use and monitoring systems (HUMS), spectrometric analysis of oil pollution and wear, remote visual inspections, vibration analyses, performance analyses of gas turbines and associated data storage and trending software solutions.

CM training for defense personnel is a specialty of TAE Aerospace and offers many program benefits. Aircraft Components and Accessories – Industry-leading MRO services for aircraft wheels and brakes, engine and fuel components, electricity, radio, instruments and avionics are also offered by TAE Aerospace. Support Equipment – TAE Aerospace specializes in the continuous development, manufacture and maintenance of new or improved support equipment. We focus on low-cost designs that meet customer-specific requirements and standards for all of our defense customers.. . .

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