Share Purchase Agreement Single Corporate Seller Non-Simultaneous Exchange And Completion

This SPA is designed for a transaction in which there is a single target company, a single business seller and buyer, as well as a simultaneous exchange and transaction (i.e. there are no purchase conditions). This Agreement is not suitable for transactions which include: exchange and conclusion of splits (i.e. non-simultaneous exchanges and financial statements, the conclusion being subject to compliance with certain specified conditions); whether the covered entity has one or more subsidiaries; and if there are multiple sellers. This share sale contract (SPA) sets the conditions for the sale and purchase of the entire share capital issued by a limited liability company. The buyer undertakes to pay the seller the purchase price of the sale shares for which the seller transfers ownership of the sale shares to the buyer (by executing a share transfer form). This will take effect at the end of the transaction, which will take place at the same time as the execution of the SPA. A share purchase agreement is used to buy a business as having lost, instead of just buying the assets of the seller`s business. Since the acquirer acquires ownership of the transfer shares after closing, it acquires the target business with all its assets and liabilities. This share purchase agreement contains detailed provisions on the parties and terms of the transaction.

It is suitable for simple transactions where the value is relatively low and the activities of the target company are not complex. Please note that the safeguards set out in this Agreement must be tailored to the specific requirements of the transaction. This share purchase agreement is drawn up on the assumption that:. . . .

  • October 7, 2021
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