Can A Franchise Agreement Be Changed

To be unfair, there needs to be a term: apart from a few regulatory issues that may raise negotiated changes, the main reason franchisors refuse to discuss changes is related to the management of their business. The terms of the offer must allow a franchisee to manage a chain of independent businesses using the franchisee`s brand and system. The fact that each franchisee works under a different agreement is not effective and creates potential difficulties for the franchisee in the management of his brand and also in his relationship with each of his franchisees. On the one hand, the initial extension clause may give the franchisee a clear right to include in the renewal franchise agreement any type of substantial change, ranging from an increase in royalties and advertising contribution rates to other substantially other dull ones used by the franchisee in its “current” form of franchise agreement at the time of the extension. The trial judge found that the franchisees did not raise any issues of concern when the new franchise agreement was first awarded. In principle, the franchisees wanted to force Timothys to negotiate a license rate that was better than the current interest rate at the time. The judge found that the franchisees, husband and wife, were not helpful and held in Timothys` favor. .

  • September 13, 2021
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