Utu National Agreement 2017

(a) If, as of January 1, 1999, the parties have not reached agreement on section 2 issues, the proceeding makes recommendations by July 1, 1999, for the elimination of all outstanding issues. Although the panel`s recommendations are not considered final and binding, the parties try, in good faith, to use these recommendations as a basis for resolving the issues in question. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, the body may, at any time, vote by a majority. The Rail Lab seeks mediation to settle national contract negotiationsDecember 5, 2016 Our national agreements are negotiated by our International Division (SMART Transportation Division) and the National Carrier Conference Committee (NCCC). You can visit the smart-TD website or the NCCC website to see who participated in the last national agreement we have. BLET members ratify national contractsDenburg 1, 2017 Double Ratification Electoral Plan for the Thanksgiving weekend, November 22, 2017 b) In engine service and rail and ground service, different rates based on hourly or daily wage allowances, as provided for by schedules or collective agreements, will be adjusted in the same way as before under previous wage agreements. c) A worker who exercises rights under this section and transfers his residence receives a moving allowance of $5,000, provided a worker is required to choose between that compensation and all moving benefits that may be granted to that worker under other existing agreements or agreements. This allowance is paid in two equal tranches: the first, payable on the day of redistribution, and the second, ninety (90) days later. This allowance (or part of it) is payable as long as the person has a working relationship with the carrier and is still on the new site at the time of payment. c) If the attribution of violence is not compatible with local agreements, the parties meet on the ground before being implemented to determine a transfer route. Signals will be CBG`s second union to ratify new national agreement November 29, 2017 SHARES BLET Summary of the National Agreement of The Tentativeoctober 16, 2017 a) A section 1 worker has the right to provide in the order of service time, to provide vacancies or to apply for vacancies, must fill positions in the train service at any location on the airline seniority issues related to the exercise of that right are by the carrier and the representative of the organization or , resolved, without agreement and at the request of one of the parties, by written notification, notified to the competent representative of the other party, by a final and binding arbitration procedure, in accordance with subsection b). It is only for the purposes of this section that a single service plan for carriers will be developed by September 30, 1996, in accordance with applicable rules and procedures. (d) A worker under this section who exercises seniority on the designated property line is subject to the collective agreement of that same line.

(a) If the parties have not reached an agreement within 90 days of receiving the Organization`s proposal, each party may refer the matter to a final and binding arbitration procedure, as stated in this section.

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