Scheduling Agreement In Source List

When creating or modifying a set of purchase information, a source list data set can be created. In the information screen, select Extras > source list of the menu bar, as shown below: Create in a purchase article: This field refers to the item number in the configuration agreement. The delivery plan is a long-term sales contract with the Kreditor, in which a creditor is required to provide equipment on pre-determined terms. Details of the delivery date and the amount communicated to the creditor in the form of the delivery plan. Things that may explain why classifications are not established or created on unexpected dates:1. Quota regime2. Planning key “000” – opening period – 0 3. The `delivery schedule` is not set at 2; 1 there is no ranking and 3 performance lines (no plan orders) 4. Source list is not fixed and `use of the source list MRP` is not set at `2`.5. The validity date of the source list may be later than necessary. 6.

The size of the lot can determine the quantity and date of the classification.7. The processing time for a good reception (GR) (working days) determines the availability date and the effects of the classification date.8. Expected delivery time (calendar day) determines the availability date and effects of the classification date within the expected delivery time.9. Check the data in the delivery plans. If >0 days are fixed and mandatory for the provision 1, the classifications are automatically blocked by the duration of the provision if they enter the holiday period.b. Check the PROCESSing time of the GR and the expected delivery time – this prevailed on the inforecord and Master Materials For a basic example of sources indicating each of these fields, see below: A baseline rate of SAP source list can be established according to the following terms, which we discuss in the following sections: If the source list is reported as relevant to the layout , this material will be taken into account during the planning process. In this case, the command request is created automatically with the assigned source list datasets and the user does not need to act further. Needs Planning Source Identification If not, set the head-scale styling box to automatically select the data sheet from the source list. Assigning the definition of the SAP source is a process that allows the buyer to determine the most appropriate source of supply while an order request is being established. This source of supply refers to a lender`s account. These preferred credits for materials are defined as basic data elements called source lists.

When the source identification plate is set in your head when making order requests, SAP looks for a source list for each item in the requirement. In this tutorial, we will explain the list of SAP sources and explain its influence on the process of finding sources. This item is provided as part of our free SAP MM online training. For order requirements or delivery plans established during planning, the system can determine the source of supply directly from the planning procedure. You can manage the source list in the Purchasing Levels menu by selecting the Manage Basic Data Source List option.

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